About Us

General VI is for Generalova Victoria – creator and head designer.

The brand was established in 2019 and inspired mostly by oriental cultures.

wearable experiment of general vi is about garments that are bold yet functional. the power brand holds is based upon the mix of feminine and sporty, framed by complex details and precise tailoring. each piece is weaved and influenced by various cultures and ethnics. the blend of elegant, textured, see-through, hi-tech materials and futuristic, voluminous silhouettes with deconstructed patterns build up the signature style of the brand and make general vi dna perceptible. 

“I have spent a lot of time abroad when i was a kid, and visited China, Japan, and different prats of Indonesia. Orient is magical. It’s different from our world. Its’ cultures are complex and to be honest i don’t know much. But I love to experiment. I create every peace in my collections from scratch. i make  patterns, mockups, discover new technology and combine aesthetics with functionality. The main direction of my interests is outwear. Despite that, General VI collections are seasonless and now i tend to evolve to wider concepts.

I am often inspired by nature – visually and meaningfully. Shapes and designs can be created within a second, you just have to look around”